Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In-Class Session: 7 Samurai

The most recent session for Cafe Sketch, Rafael brought in his copy of Kirosawa's 7 Samurai.  We focused on the compositions of each shot, something Kirosawa is renowned for.  I got a lot of individual figures done in this class session, which I'm excited about.

Columbus Zoo

The long awaited trip to the Columbus Zoo!  It, of course, ended up being on the coldest day of the year, but it was a great day.  We figured out pretty quickly to stay in the indoor exhibits, since they were temperature controlled.

The Shadowbox Holiday Hoopla

Our final session at the Shadowbox was a dress rehearsal for their show "Holiday Hoopla."  It was bittersweet, but the show was great.  I ended up paying more attention to the stage than actually sketching, so there aren't as many figures as I would have hoped.

In Class Session: Mon Oncle

A quick session for today, focusing on the compositions and poses of characters in the film Mon Oncle.  I have seen the animated movie The Illusionist, so seeing the original character that inspired the protagonist was interesting.

Madama Butterfly

This opera is an excellent reason for why I need to learn Italian.  It was such a beautiful production.  The acting was superb, so I could get a basic understanding of the story, but I felt I was missing out on a lot.

In Class Session: Silhouettes

We continued using different media for this class, focusing on using marker to create silhouettes of figures.

This last page was mostly to focus on creating a composition based on figures in a movie.

In Class Session: Line of Action and Animals

A lot of pages for this class!  We focused on using charcoal and conte rather than just ball-point pen.  I'm not used to media like this, so my sketches were really large.

Lines of Action depicting specific words and actions

 Various Animals

I learned that I really like drawing deer and polar bears, but not that great at charcoal in general.